The Principle of Health

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Spring is about to get over, and summer is around the corner. The flowers still bloom bright, and the cool breeze under the shining sun allows maximum comfort to the body. But it is also the time when most of the people become allergic to food, pollen, dust. During this time, Eye Flu, Influenza, Cold, and Cough, can be seen commonly among children, adults. I can still remember my grand-mother telling me to take precaution, and avoid cold water, sour food, in this transitory period, lest I catch one.

“Doctor, I am having a lot of cough, and I have not been able to breathe properly for past few nights” I said. Doctor said, “Virus is prevalent in the atmosphere, and many people are getting affected due to this. You should avoid crowded place, and wear a mask always, when outside, for at least few days.” He then prescribed me an antibiotic, an anti-allergic, an Inhaler, and a digestive capsule. I left the doctor’s clinic, and went straight to the chemist to purchase the prescribed medicines. I came back home, and started feeling better, hoping that now I have the power to control the exasperation, which I have been feeling for past few days. Within a few days, my condition started improving.

I would always succumb to this situation year after year, and I had accepted this fact that reversal of this effect is impossible, given the conditions prevalent in the climate. We have unclean air, dirty water, contaminated food, filthy surroundings, so how can anyone live without any illness. Moreover, our health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, which is rarely a case. Even if we seem to be physically fit, but mentally we may be stressed out, and suffering from mental disorder(s), such as depression, anxiety. Socially, our life’s experiences may be negative, causing us to be fearful, worried, introvert, confused. So, how can we remain Healthy?

The Principle of Health states that good health requires balance and harmony within Body, Mind, & Soul, which are all composed of energy, and correlates at an energy level, to something external in nature. We all have the ability to heal ourselves, and it is our birth right to remain healthy all through our lives.

Physical Health

Physical challenges / disabilities, are generally inflicted at the time of our birth or later in our lives, as a ‘Lesson’ to be learnt or as part of master plan, while in the physical state, for our spiritual growth. As, it is we, who choose a vehicle (body), and our parents, before coming into this world (physical plane), in order to learn and fulfill our debts from previous lifetimes, based on our karmas. However, the absence of any illness is achievable to a great extent through control over our senses, our caring attitude towards the environment we live in, and through our understanding of inter-connections amongst all things in this universe.

 Our Senses

In today’s world, we do everything in excess – We overuse our Cellphones, leading to hearing impairment; We eat too much, leading to obesity and bundle of other diseases; We watch TV, work on computers for longer hours, leading to eye dryness, blurry vision; We drink alcohol too much, leading to temporary loss of other senses, and affecting our vital body organs. Our lifestyle, which is based on our personal decisions, can be controlled by us only, through conduct of our own actions, which are ethical, morally correct, and does not disturb peace of self and that of others. We must all try to subside our habits, whether it is of watching TV, drinking tea, over-eating or smoking cigarettes, by practicing to limit them for specific period of time, at regular intervals. For instance, in order to control our habit of over-eating, we can plan to have only juice, at least one day in a week. We should not allow our habits to control us, rather we should be controlling them, to remain physically healthy. A healthy balance can only be maintained, when generation and control takes place simultaneously. We shall discuss this in greater detail, later in the article.

Habits are also something that disturb our peace, leading to unwanted actions. Imagine yourself being in a room, filled with exquisite Non-Veg food, expensive liquor that you always have a craving for, but somehow you are not allowed to have it. What are you feeling now? Is your mind disturbed?

Please take a moment and think yourself – Is my habit affecting my loved ones, my society, my country, adversely; Is it helping me to achieve my purpose of life; Am I wasting my life, just for momentary happiness, or just to gratify my ego, fed by people who surround me for their own motives; Am I actually concealing my feelings of inferiority, by not letting go of my habit(s).

Our Environment

Earth was created billions of years ago, before mankind came into existence. After various stages of transformation, man was created. As per Bible, God created man in his own image, and was meant to be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and over every living thing that moves on the earth. But in the process, man started exploiting nature for his own gains, while it was his moral responsibility to take care of the Mother Nature and maintain the necessary balance and harmony, considering the fact that human beings are the most advanced living creation of the existential / Higher Power.

We have engrossed ourselves in our personal and professional matters so much, that we seem to have no concern for the environment. We have taken it for granted that natural resources are going to last forever, in plenty. We have restrained our thinking towards our ambitions, our desires, so much so, that wrong seems to be right. People don’t have time to get their cars checked for pollution; they do not hesitate to throw litter on the roads; they find it OK to spit tobacco residual on any wall or building; urinate anywhere they please. Authorities are negligent to take care of food produce, maintain water / waste pipelines, just for their own selfish gains, ignoring the fact that ultimately we, as a whole, are going to lose. The water pollution, air pollution, dirty surroundings, contaminated food, which are responsible for proliferation of deadly micro-organisms, and are the major causes of our health issues, have been existent due to our irresponsible actions. Instead of being the flag bearers of cleanliness, we turn a blind eye even towards those, who are polluting our surroundings.

Are we planning to leave such a legacy for our children, that they almost have negligible chance of survival beyond the age of 40? Are we thinking that we shall never be born again, and we would never have to bear the atrocities of the unbalanced nature? How would you feel if someone throws half eaten apple on your dining table, or spit tobacco residual on your sofa, or for that matter urinate in your kitchen?

Please take a moment and think yourself, how can I contribute to save my planet.

Our Universe

Our physical health is also connected to the 5 elements of nature – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Aether. The Chinese have a somewhat different series of elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Wood [Associated with wind (Air)] and Metal [Associated with sky / heavens / divine figure (Aether)]. The elements are understood as different types of energy, which are ever changing and moving. Each of these elements creates/generates, and destroys/controls another element, thus causing the five changes within the two balancing cycles of generation and control. This balance is very much essential to maintain order within the universe. As per Chinese Five Element theory, these elements organizes all natural phenomena into five master groups or patterns in nature. Each of these 5 groups, include categories such as internal organ, emotion, taste, color, season, direction, stage of growth, body tissue, aspect of soul, sound, planet, etc.


The table above shows how everything is connected to everything else in this universe, and how through the fundamental relationship of generation and control, nature maintains the balance, to keep things in order at individual and universal level. It also shows how structures and systems of our bodies are inter-connected. For instance, Fire creates earth (ash), as heart generates spleen; Wood parts earth, as liver controls spleen; Summer season is hot like fire; while winter causes the emotion of fear, and is somewhat related to / impacts kidneys; Stress and anger causes adverse effect to liver; Pale/dark purple colored tongue, with cracks down the center of the tongue can indicate heart problems.

The principle of interconnectedness is based on the law of nature that everything is energy, even our body, our mind and our soul. A human-being correlates at an energy level, to something external in nature. Even the major organ in our bodies, such as Kidney, that correspond to Water element, in turn correlates with the tissue of bone/teeth. Hence, by using the vibrational frequency of nature, we can balance our bodies and emotions.

We can eat specific foods, during a specific season, to support our body organs to function in a balanced way. We can even consider other facts, like where the food was raised, when it was raised, and how does it look like, to determine their healing properties and vibrational frequency. For instance, Green and sour foods can support the proper functioning of the liver; Kidney beans and watermelon can nourish and cool the heart, respectively.

Mental Health

If physical is temple, then mental is the deity of that temple. If deity is not being taken care of, then it is of no use to keep the temple clean. We have seen how our emotions can cause our vital organs to function abnormally. Thus, mental health of a person is very important, along with the physical health, which includes emotional, psychological and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act. It also determines how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health problems can be attributed to life experiences, such as trauma or abuse, and one’s life environment, if not afflicted by birth. Any damage to the brain during pregnancy, or life experiences from previous life-times, is the reason for mental illness by birth. A person is having mental health problems if S/he is experiencing feelings or behaviors, such as eating or sleeping too little or too much; becoming non-social; feeling no emotions; smoking, drinking, or using drugs excessively; feeling unusually confused, angry, upset, worried, scared; experiencing severe mood swings; hearing and seeing things which are untrue; having persistent thoughts and memories; thinking of harming self or others; unable to perform daily tasks; having low or no energy. At this stage, you must be thinking that in today’s time, almost everyone seems to be mentally ill. Hence, do we have an option to remain mentally healthy all through our lives?

We can all maintain to have a good mental health, by just maintaining to remain peaceful at all times, and disallowing our thinking to affect our composure under any circumstance. You must now be thinking – Is this writer mad? How can one remain mentally peaceful, when so much is happening in one’s own life and in other people’s lives? With so much complexity existent within the society, how can we find true peace?

 Take a moment now, and ask yourself, what can happen if I am not mentally peaceful.

If you have not been peaceful within, you can always expect incorrect decisions being taken; events not going as per plan, leading to frustration, tension, anger, fear and other negative emotions, which can ultimately affect your physical health. Our feelings of guilt can cause accidents; resentment towards self can cause cancer; criticism can cause arthritis; Inherent fears can cause stress, hair loss. Thus, if we are not mentally healthy, then we cannot be physically healthy. Do you know, that if you have been longing for something, and have developed a deep sorrow within you, then it can be the probable cause of diabetes? Do you know, that a long standing emotional problem, which is not yet resolved, can be the probable cause of your High Blood Pressure? Pieces of undissolved anger can be the probable cause of kidney stones. Do you still want to be, as you are, or do you want to change your behavioral patterns and reactions for a better life? Remember, we are our own devils, with our unconstructive thoughts and subsequent deeds, which leads to disharmony, and finally erupts in the form of imperfections within our body.

All of us can remain peaceful by following only one rule in our lives – “Do not judge either yourself or others”. If you keep judging yourself, just like your elders did, then you would always be in criticism, fearful mode. It would hinder your development, towards your life’s goals. We have always been comparing ourselves to others, and in the process, we have been lowering our worth. It is also a fact, that we have been generally assuming from generations, that we are exposed to most of the dreaded diseases viz. diabetes, heart blockages, glaucoma, obesity, etc, due to heredity factors, and we are consciously aware at the back of our minds, that we shall also be stricken by them during the course of our lives. An assumption would actually be a real fact, if our mind thinks so. Therefore, check your inherent beliefs, and change those, which are hindrance to your health and happiness. [Please refer to article – “Your Healing Power Within (Part II)”, published in TATVAN Magazine, May – August, 2014 edition, if you want to learn the techniques to change any of your existing beliefs.] There is a humorous medical quote too – Obesity is not because it runs in the family, it is because, no one runs in the family. It is the ‘habits and behaviors’ that runs in the family, not the ‘diseases’.

Also, do not judge others. Think of a situation that you are travelling in a metro train, during a time when a deadly virus is spreading in large numbers. There is a man standing at the corner of the metro train, who is coughing like mad, and many of the people are wearing medical masks, to avoid viral infection, while you are standing without a mask. Most of us in that situation would put a hand on our mouths or move away from that area, fearing that the man may be infected from the same virus. But he may be just coughing, due to suffocation, while one of your close family members may be actually suffering from the same viral disease, and showing similar symptoms, but you meet him with open arms. It is our fears, our trust factors that cause us to take alternating actions in similar situations. Hence, stop being judgmental, as you can never ever be sure of the true facts. In this particular situation, you could have just followed to gargle with salty water every night before sleep, and followed the mind techniques to protect yourself from any such danger. There are many such situations, which we encounter every day, and become frustrated, angry, worried or scared. We can maintain to accept the situations as they are, without getting affected by them.

Soul Health

We are not our body, as it is going to end after a specific time span. We are not even our mind, as it is just the data center of all of our current and past memories. So, who are we?

We are actually the (human) souls, created by the Higher Power. But it is not just us, animals have souls, as do plants, and even inanimate objects. Our responsibility is to maintain harmonious state of nature, and co-create, while being in the physical or spirit state. We are beyond the limits of time, who take the role of a driver of many vehicles (bodies), while in the transitory physical states, and remain in the spirit state, between these transitions, to reach a specific destination i.e. to become one with the Higher Power. A soul’s health, therefore, is of prime importance when we are in the physical state, and it should be taken care of, if we ever want to reach our destination / achieve our purpose. You can consider your soul to be utmost healthy, if you can see your reflection in every other soul on this planet. If it is not the case, then you still have many lessons to learn, before you can achieve your soul’s purpose. Sometimes, demands of everyday life keeps us from tendering to our inner life. We even under value the importance of our interior world. But the truth is, our soul’s health drives everything that matters to us. It is the foundation to who we are.

 Our soul is like an inner stream of water, which gives strength, direction, and harmony to every other element of our life. When this stream is as it should be, we are constantly refreshed and exuberant in all we do.

 People suffering from phobias, or feeling emotionally weak, generally have repressed or forgotten traumatic, often painful memories from their current and past lives. It only suggests that we have not yet learnt the balancing act of nature, the lessons of pure thought, which is devoid of jealousy, greed, lust and power. If we can love, if we can help, if we can trust, if we can care, if we can motivate, if we can have patience, only then we can maintain the health of our soul, and gradually develop it.

We have been born a number of times, and we are going to be born again, if we wish so, as proven through hypnotic techniques, adopted by varied physicists to cure their patients. Since, our past is not limited to this birth, and our future does not end with our death, therefore, it is appropriate to remain in present, and not worry about the past or the future. Be assured of the fact that we all are eternal souls and not just individual bodies. It is only if we understand this fact, that we can feel the peace within, which is basic to our overall health.

In summary, the soul / our spiritual connection feeds back into the health of the mind, and it in turns feeds back into the health of the body. By following the purposeful path for our soul’s development, the resultant peace can keep our emotions in line, and hence our bodies well. I started practicing the concepts, stated in this article, two years back, and my asthmatic tendencies have been gradually reducing ever since. I am now more peaceful within, and most of my fears are dissipating like magic. But I still have a long way to go.

The Dalai Lama was once asked, “What surprises you the most about humanity”? He answered, “Man, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices his money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never lived really”.

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly….Lord Buddha.